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automotive loan experience


A simple and effective tool for managing your auto loan online.

automotive loan experience


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Sunshine State Financial is an automotive loan servicing experience. We provide technology that makes managing your auto loan convenient, safe, and more enjoyable.

Our founding team draws from deep experience as entrepreneurs in the automotive and technology industries.  Success and growth of our own automotive dealership led to the need for better technology to manage and service loans, but none of the solutions available in the market met our needs.  This surprising lack of external technology and innovation drove us to develop and explore our own solutions, and Sunshine State Financial was born.

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You can manage your account and make your monthly payments with debit cards or eCheck from any connected device.

Here at Sunshine State financial we want it to be convenient for you to make your payments as easy as just of a click of a button. We’d like to thank you for choosing Sunshine State financial for making it just a little easier for you.

Robert D.

I got a great deal on the car & got approved, the best of both worlds!!

Joseph O.

I got approved even after my bankruptcy; thanks so much things are better now since I got my car.

Mariya A.

My credit was in the slums but now I have built it back up cause they report to the credit agencies.

Jake S.

Thanks so much for my auto loan approval! It has saved my life.


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